Charity Selection Process

Members in good standing may nominate ONE charity in January 2019. This page describes the submission schedule and process. If you have any questions, email Bob Clark.


Submission of charities By January 31, 2019

  • Please note the following deadlines for voting eligibility in 2019. You must be a member in good standing. Good standing means that SDPHC already has received or will receive new memberships or renewals by this date: December 31, 2018 in order to nominate and vote for charities in 2019

February Business Meeting: 2/12/19

  • All members in good standing who attend this meeting in person will review all of the submitted charities. 

  • SDPHC will send a list of all nominated charities to the members prior to the meeting.  Members are welcome to research these charities as desired prior to the meeting.

  • If there are more than 6 charities submitted, then each of these members will vote for one charity.  

  • This vote will be based on written summaries of the charity.  There will be no presentations from the charities.  

  • In the case of any ties, members will vote on the tied charities.  It will be the same process of one vote per member.

  • The top 6 charities will be invited to present at the March business meeting.

March Business Meeting: 3/19/19

  • The 6 charities will make brief oral presentations (10 min) to the members in good standing who attend in person.  There will be no time for Q&A.

  • Each of these members will vote for one charity.  SDPHC will select the charities by the number of votes each receives.  

  • In the case of any ties, members will vote on the tied charities for the specific rank.  It will be the same process of one vote per member.

  • The charities will receive funds based upon the number of votes they receive:

  • 1st& 2ndplace: split the Anniversary Party proceeds

  • 3rdplace: Pub Crawl proceeds

  • 4thplace: November Happy hour proceeds

  • 5thand 6thplace: receive money from SDPHC (TBD events)


Guidelines for Members submitting 2019 Charity

Each current member (dues paid by 12/31/18) may one submit one 501 c (3) charity.

The charity must meet the following requirements:

  • Local to San Diego or have a local chapter

  • Their service or money is provided to the San Diego county area

  • The charity must be willing to support the event from which they are receiving funds: send volunteers to the event, advertise the event, provide SDHPC with donor lists, and solicit donations for the event’s silent auction or raffle (if applicable to the event).  There are additional requirements for recipients of the Anniversary Party.

If a charity was the beneficiary of the Anniversary Party, then they must wait two years before being nominated again. E.g., 2017 charities would not be eligible for any nomination until 2020.

If a charity was the beneficiary of the Pub Crawl, then they have to wait one full year before being nominated again. E.g., 2018 beneficiary would not be eligible until 2020.

At this time 4th, 5th, and 6thplace have no restrictions on nominations.

The deadline for submission of charities is January 31, 2019. This means that Wendy or Bob must receive ALL of the required information, not just the charity’s name by Jan 31.  NO EXCEPTIONS


Members will need to supply the following information when they submit a charity: 


  • Name

  • Contact & Contact’s Role/Title

  • Charity’s Address

  • Contact’s Phone Number

  • Contact’s Email

  • Tax ID Number

  • Website URL

  • 1 paragraph description of the club 

  • Maximum length is 250 words. SDPHC will cut off over 250 words.

SDPHC Contact:

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Contact E mail 

Answer the following questions:

  • What services does your charity provide?

  • Who receives these services?

  • How much money do you take in each year?

  • Where do you get other funds?

  • What percentage of money raised goes to these services? To administration?

  • Will the money stay in the San Diego area?

  • Can we designate that the money we raise be used for a specific service that you provide?

  • Are you a faith-based group?  What options do you have for people of other faiths?  

Also, charities will be expected to address these questions if asked to present to the membership in March.

Winners of the Anniversary Party and Pub Crawl must attend a pre-determined event to receive the donation. The event will be set far in advance. We will not mail the donation.

Submissions must be sent to either Bob Clark or Wendy Eichenbaum.