Golden Coconut Award

In 1996, Margaritaville and Parrot Heads In Paradise, Inc. decided to create an award to be given to a deserving Parrot Head Club, emblematic and in recognition of the outstanding Charitable and Environmental efforts of ALL Parrot Head Clubs.

Today, competition for the coveted award is waged through a "blind essay" submitted to an illustrious panel of judges composed of previous Golden Coconut Award recipients. Bestowed upon the winning chapter, the Golden Coconut is a one of a kind trophy designed, hand-crafted and presented by our friends at Margaritaville Key West during the annual Meeting of the Minds.

SDPHC was the proud recipient of that award in 2015.  A club can win this award only one time.  Go to PHIP's website for a history of winners, where you also can view other essays.  PHIP encourages clubs to send essays that are both informative and phun!

Letter from Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP) recognizing SDPHC.

Letter from Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP) recognizing SDPHC.

Our beautiful hand-crafted award!

Our beautiful hand-crafted award!

SDPHC at MOTM in Key West after winning the award!

SDPHC at MOTM in Key West after winning the award!



Jimmy just put out a new album called Son Of A Son Of A Parrot Head, where the great works of a Parrot Head Club inspired all of his songs. Let’s check out some of the tracks!  

Track 1: A Club Looks at 20 Plus Years

We have been partying with a purpose for over twenty years.  Over the decades, the club has grown yearly, and our retention rate is over 80%. Our members take philanthropy as seriously as they take their blenders!  During 2014, we raised $44,810 for various charities, and volunteered 5,955 hours.  We assisted 17 non-profits in the area with time and/or money.  These non-profits supported veterans, people with physical or cognitive challenges or with diseases, children, the environment, hunger, and animals. And all of the members are encouraged to attend our monthly business meetings, which are followed by a happy hour with live music.  We average about 40 members per meeting.

Track 2: Party At The End of The Bay

We throw an epic party every year.  It’s our anniversary party, where we know how to party with a purpose.  We have a dozen bands, playing music for 11 hours.  You can listen to this music from the beer garden.  And you can take a bit of your spending money to the raffle and silent auction.  Last year, the club raised $32,000 in one day.  The money went to two great causes: 1) the Salvation Army to build a food pantry; and 2) a Wounded Warrior charity that builds homes for wounded veterans.

Track 3: Vote Drinks  

Boy, we sure tried some really tasty boat drinks this year at our annual Pub Crawl for charity.  We stumbled on to double decker busses and visited some of the nicest tiki bars around town.  At each bar, we tried a signature boat drink.  At the end, we voted for our favorite drink. The bragging rights were second only to the money raised for charity. We raised over $5000 for children with Autism.

Track 4: Champagne Si, Agua Too

Every year, the phlock gets up at Oh Dark Thirty to support runners in charity road races. Our members, decked out in Hawaiian gear, set up, decorate, and hand out water to thousands of runners.  We play trop rock music as we welcome the runners to Margaritaville.  We regularly run water stations for several races, including the Rock N Roll marathon, whose organizers have named our station the best water stop six times.  In addition, Parrot Heads know how to feed athletes.  We run the food finishing station at a national IRONMAN Half Triathlon.  At all of the events, the organizations give us charity grants, which we then donate to various local charities, such as Burn Centers and Animal shelters.

Track 5: Presents to Send Youth

When the holiday time rolls around in December, there’s nothing more the club likes to do than share some holiday cheer with each other and the community.  The board organizes a huge catered party with a live band and a bar.  Everyone who attends brings an unwrapped toy, gift card, or cash donation.  All of the donations are then taken to Toys For Tots for distribution to needy children. In 2014, the phlock was extremely generous with their donations, bringing in toys and gift cards that amounted to just over $3000.

Track 6: You Call It Walking

We call it Donating Around! Our members lace up their shoes at least twice a year to participate in charity walks.  We raise money and walk for causes such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Breast Cancer Research.

Track 7: There’s Nothin’ Soft About Empty Stomachs

This year, we partnered with a wonderful youth non-profit.  This group, run by students from middle and high schools in our area, makes and distributes breakfast burritos and toiletries to the homeless every Sunday.  Parrot Heads have been phlocking to help them on Sundays.  And this charity will be one of our two charity recipients for our 2015 Anniversary Party.

Track 8: When the Coast is Clean

Every year, in partnership with a Coast Keeper Chapter, over fifty Parrot Heads phlock to one of our many beaches to pick up litter.  Of course we arrive early to fortify with breakfast and bloody mary’s.  Then it’s two hours of scouring the beach and bay for trash that visitors left behind. We regularly pick up over a hundred pounds of trash.  This also is a phun event for our club’s Parakeets, who can give back to the community as they earn volunteer hours for school. 

Track 9: Back To The Island

Parrot Heads not only walk for charity, but they can hit and catch too.  Every year, we sponsor a half dozen teams to participate in a national Over The Line (OTL) tournament.  This two-weekend tournament is a charity fundraiser for the host organization, which supports local youth athletic organizations.  And it’s also a party with 10,000 of our closest friends.  We sponsor a members-only compound with a bar, plenty of shade, and clean porta-potties!  OTL is not only phun, but it’s great community outreach for our club.  Many of our members learned about and joined us when they came by the compound for a free tattoo.  Our members happily apply temporary tattoos to any spot on the body desired by the recipients.  And any money we collect after operating expenses is donated to charity.

Track 10: I Wish Dinner Could Last Forever

For over 320,000 people in our area, dinner doesn’t last forever.  In fact, it doesn’t come on a regular basis.  To help overcome this tragedy, our volunteers partner every year with the local Food Bank.  Our members box food that is distributed to families, seniors, and children throughout the county.  Earlier this year, in one shift our members boxed 11 pallets of food, which could feed almost 700 families.

Hidden Track:  I Do Know And I Do Care

Our phlock plays a crucial role in directing our charitable giving.  At the beginning of each year, each member can nominate one local 501 c(3) charity for consideration. We normally have over 10 nominations.  At our February business meeting, our members vote for the top 6 charities.  At our March business meeting, these top 6 charities each pitch their cause. Then the members vote to rank the charities.  Each charity receives money from one of our events during the year.  Over 70 members normally attend each of these two business meetings, enabling our members to have a big say in how we direct and distribute our time and money.

We are more than a “party with a purpose” club.  For over 20 years, we have been a family, helping our club members and the community at large with our time, our funds, and our hearts.  We hope that PHIP feels that we have recorded a Gold Record, worthy of the Golden Coconut award.