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The San Diego Parrot Head Club (SDPHC) is a 501 c(4) Civic Organization founded in 1995 by a group of local Jimmy Buffett music fans who wanted to make a difference in their community.  We are dedicated to preserving and improving the environment, and are active in many community-orientated projects. Our club raises money through charity drawings, silent auctions, and donations at club events throughout the year.  In addition, we donate our time to various causes.

During 2018, we raised over $59,000 for various charities throughout San Diego County, and volunteered almost 5000 hours.  We assisted 16 non-profits in the San Diego area with time and/or money.  These non-profits supported veterans, people with physical or cognitive challenges or with diseases, children, the environment, hunger, and animals. We ran or participated in water stations, beach cleanup’s, toy drives, and blood drives. Check out our Events for a complete list of what’s next.

Come join the phlock!  Get involved.  We love our members to participate at our monthly business meeting (with a live band afterward), our events, and with our philanthropy.

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